CBBC China ICT briefing

IDC estimates that the Chinese ICT market will grow by 7% annually until 2025, when the market will exceed $6 trillion. The key factors driving this growth are increased consumption by China’s burgeoning middle class, policies to upgrade China’s industrial infrastructure, and an increasingly innovative tech ecosystem.

China currently has 721 million internet users and 46% mobile penetration. Improving mobile coverage in rural areas and continued urbanisation is driving technology adoption among lower-income groups.

Around a third of all internet users live in rural China (approximately 200m people).

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And bubbling under the Top Ten

Again from the Office of National Statistics, in the East of England China stands in eleventh place for the resident population born outside of the UK.

Top of the list is Poland (63k), then India (47k), Ireland (36k), Germany (34k), the USA (33k), Lithuania (29k), Pakistan (28k), South Africa (25k), France (18k), Portugal (16k) and then China.

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